YEARS AWAY FROM HOME by Gladys Hasty Carroll


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Mrs. Carroll reminisces about her childhood, youth and her writing career which flowered with the success of As The Earth Turns in the '30's. She remembers her Maine home in nostalgic detail, supplying all those cane-chair-to-sand-cushion recognitions for those of similar background. There are chapters on early schooling and Bates College where among the students were a few future achievers, including Dorthy Clarke Wilson ""whose intellectual brilliance we recognized."" Then on to marriage to student Herbert Carroll, and a self-discipline that compelled her to complete at least two short stories a week -- persistence was eventually rewarded. The bulk of the book is concerned with the travels of the Carrolls and many, many letters -- from the author to her family, and correspondence with publishers and editors, the last of mild sunset interest to those who remember the days when editors really edited, between leisurely pulls on a pipe.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1972
Publisher: Little, Brown