TO REMEMBER FOREVER by Gladys Hasty Carroll


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This follows on the heels of Only Fifty Years Ago which was the beguiling cord round the year on a Maine farm and introduced the reader to the Hasty family of a well-remembered childhood. Now using somewhat edited material drawn from actual letters and a journal kept by Gladys Hasty between August 1922 and June 1923 in her 19th year, we continue her personal story through freshman and sophomore ears in college, a small Maine college- Bates. Uneven in interest, often so personal in the kinds of things recorded as to be limited in appeal from the general public point of view, there are still whole areas of definite significance in reording a way of life that will not recur. While the span of forty years would seem to indicate a common denominator for many readers, the psychological distance is reater. Bates of forty years ago is far more conservative say than Vassar or Smith; the family viewpoint more restricted; the girls themselves would seem to stem back more than forty years -- evidence of regional differences that are as interesting in their way as the farm picture in Only Fifty Years Ago was in its way. Keeping this limitation in awareness, the readership will be perhaps sharply affected.

Publisher: Little, Brown