TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR HEALTH by Gladys & Judy Lindberg McFarland Lindberg


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Nutrition advice in the Adelle Davis spirit--but without her authority. Gladys Lindberg began practicing ""applied nutrition"" on her own family over 40 years ago when she became concerned at their lack of general well-being and couldn't get satisfactory medical help. Judy McFarland, her daughter, studied nutrition more formally. Together they have put together a guide to the principles Lindberg developed when she went on to give advice to neighbors, friends, and eventually the public at large. With the goal of improving general health (not treating specific problems), they have chapters on stress, hypoglycemia, the heart, digestion, the immune system, and ""living longevity""--all tied in, moreover, to their Fundamentalist religious beliefs: ""The disease-producing factors of envy, self-centeredness, resentment, hatred. . . are all dealt with in the Bible."" To combat these stressors, Lindberg and McFarland recommend vitamins A, B-complex, C, and E. They also see protein as ""the primary dietary requirement"" and believe that, instead of trying to restrict our dietary cholesterol, we should if necessary increase our intake of the substances that help our body deal with it properly (probably vitamins C, E, some Bs, and lecithin). To the authors, proper nutrition is impossible without the use of supplements--so their final, all-encompassing chapter recommends fortifying drinks (""serenity cocktail,"" ""super antistress yeast-liver drink"") and variously ingesting wheat germ oil capsules, raw liver tablets, bee pollen, and more. Likely to convince only those who want to be convinced.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1982
Publisher: Harper & Row