JONICA'S ISLAND by Gladys Malvera
Kirkus Star


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Good family story of life in Nieuw Amsterdam of the 10's. Authentic feel of life and customs, good characterization. Jonica's father is the town drunk, and when he is banished for theft, Jonica is saved from being sent to the almshouse when 14-year old Gerrit, one of seven sons of a leading citizen, pleads with his parents to take her in. She's endentured to the Van der Voorts, and works from dawn to dusk for the family she adores, The story moves swiftly, humanness and humor mingling with good Dutch industry, church-going, weddings, funerals, holidays, Indians on the warpath, a smallpox epidemic. In the midst, Jonica is suspected of theft -- ""like father like daughter"" -- and sent to work for the married son, Willem, and his spinsterish nagging wife. But with confession from the real culprit, Jonica is reinstated and wins her freedom. Colorful period, skillfully drawn.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1945
Publisher: Messner