HOLLYWOOD STAR by Gladys Malvern


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The career- and love life- of Gloria Whitcomb taken a step further in a successor to Prima Ballerina (1951, p. 487) which retains its weaknesses; a veneer of glamour and an innocence inconsistent with plot and characters. With a contract to play the lead in ""The Pavlova Story"", Gloria, unknown as an actress, goes to Hollywood. There she struggles against the superiority complex of the male lead, her own inability to act, the debt she owes to an older actor who falls in love with her while teaching her a few of the tricks of the stage and the damage that debt may do to her own romance with choreographer Doug away in New York. Actually it's a cross section of what can happen in Hollywood, but so unsubstantial that it's a view with no depth.

Pub Date: March 31st, 1953
Publisher: Messner