VALIANT MINSTREL: The Story of Harry Lauder by Gladys Malvern
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VALIANT MINSTREL: The Story of Harry Lauder

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I wonder how generally known Harry Lauder is to todays' young people? The interest in this biography should not rest wholly on that, however, as it is -- per se -- exceedingly good reading, and an interesting revelation of the uphill struggle from the coal pits to the footlights. Lauder's boyhood, as one of a large family, whose father died leaving Harry to shoulder responsibility in childhood -- the beginnings of his career, when he competed for a watch -- and won, his impromptu entertainments in the local gatherings, the growing enthusiasm for his singing and his tireless attention to detail of good showmanship, the beginnings of his own composing and his high standards -- and throughout, his utter devotion to his wife Nancy, and hers to him -- and their worship of the son, who was killed in the first world war. It is a moving human story -- and is the winner of this years Julia Ellsworth Ford Foundation contest.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1943
Publisher: Messner