A GOWN BY FORTUNY by Gladys McGorian


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Incredible! If she continued down the steps, she would wind up in water!"" Yes, young Fan Townsend has just arrived in Venice--and the generous local color is the only real attraction in this standard mini-romance. Fan, you see, has come to spend the summer working at the Venetian publishing firm of Riani & Zalcone--on the invitation of young Guido Riani, whom she met when he spent a year in Philadelphia, learning US publishing methods. But when Fan arrives in Venice, Guido is out-of-town (banished for his Casanova ways), leaving her at the mercy of his intimidating older brother Sandro--suave yet brutal, sexy but scary. Furthermore, the whole Riani family seems to be under the impression (false) that Fan is headed for marriage to Guido--who is in fact secretly in love with Sandro's secretary Angelina! Poor Fan, therefore, doesn't know whether to go or stay (she adores the Riani palazzo)--or what to do about her increasing attraction to Sandro, with whom she's collaborating on a Venice guide-book. (""Her blood pumped through her body tumultously. . . not steadily, but erratically, erotically."") And what about Sandro's liaison with voluptuous widow Carlotta Zalcone--or his detailed plans for Fan's wedding to Guido (which include a super-gown by legendary couturier Fortuny)? It all gets sorted out, of course, with a few mix-ups leading to heated caresses--but the Venice sightseeing (churches, shops, restaurants) adds some flavor and detail to the harmless, routine froth.

Pub Date: Nov. 1st, 1984
Publisher: Walker