ANOTHER PATH by Gladys Taber


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edicated to her companion of thirty years whose sudden death left her with eeling of purposelessness, this book was written ""with the hope that one woman's discovery of an ordered universe may help someone else"". Along with references to the life she had shared with Jill at Stillwater Farm, she gives advice on how to face ereavement: just get through one hour- never mind the next; don't try to explain eath away; renew your faith in a personal God and an ordered universe. There are some first aid suggestions on daily living: do not eat at the same table where an empty chair is a constant reminder; plan menus ahead; go out for a meal, ask people ; make friends, make beach plum jelly, hook a rug; etc., etc. For those who seek--omesticated inspirational assurance, or solace in sorrow.

Publisher: Lippincott