THE BEST OF STILL-MEADOW: A Treasury of Country Living by Gladys Taber

THE BEST OF STILL-MEADOW: A Treasury of Country Living

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For the Stillmeadow browsers and grazers, a seasonally arranged selection from seven previously published books, with an introduction by Constance Colby, Mrs. Taber's daughter, and an affecting tribute to the author's late companion at Still-meadow, Jill. Oldtimers and newcomers will find this well-provided with the staples: calendar tributes to flora and fauna and weather (always billows of snow at Christmas, and ""lucent drops fall from lilacs"" in May); particulars on some major domestic endeavors including serious gardening and preserving; lots about children and the dogs (cockers and Irish setters) and cats; reports of disasters like the barn burning; meditations on such matters as peace, love, and beauty; and even humor. A popular soothing series for those who wish the shopping malls and McDonalds would go away.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1976
Publisher: Lippincott