MRS. DAFFODIL by Gladys Taber


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Round on round of country living encircles the incidents that make up the chronicle of columnist Mrs. Daffodil and her companion, Kay, a widow who is not always willing. For Mrs. Daffodil's commitments of broadcasting, speaking and TV appearances are surrounded with flutters and fantods; her whims and fancies create disturbances; her experiments in living off the land are expensive; and her busybodying creates situations. But in her bumblings there are some victories -- over household emergencies, the sudden marriage of her daughter, the unexpected visits of fans of her column to Driftways, her fight to be less than a stylish stout, accidents and local problems -- and there is always the release in the refuge that Driftways, long loved and hard earned, the dogs, birds, plants -- and people, always people, can give. There is some carryover from previous non- fiction books into this Hokinson styled story but its good will, good humor and general good sense will find friends.

Publisher: Lippincott