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I am a Roman Catholic Priest. I am an alcoholic. And I am a neurotic."" This long denied admission, to himself, and to others, which when made- enabled him to control his disease and find a new ""parish in the world- the world of alcoholics"". Father Pfau, just prior to his ordination, was tormented by many anxieties and doubts of his worthiness to become a priest. His emotional instability was exposed at that time, his vulnerability-to alcohol- only a year or so later when he began to drink casually, then steadily, then excessively. He had two severe depressions-and was hospitalized; he secured a small parish, and was relieved of it, when his drinking habits became known to the Bishop; and on a diet of beer, bourbon and bromides, he was unable to stop until through A.A. he revealed- to himself and others- that he was an alcoholic. Working tirelessly for this organization, opening a retreat for alcoholics, lecturing, he again had a period of deep depression- and doubt of the validity of his ordination; this too, with medical help, he was able to combat, and of course his faith was and still is an enduring strength.... More than penance in print, this will serve to guide and hearten others.

Pub Date: April 16th, 1958
Publisher: Lippincott