HOME IS HERE by Gldney Maller


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Roots in the Sky, in 1936, showed Sidney Meller's ability to show the many faceted relations of a Jewish community against an American background. Now he has used his penetrating and sympathetic insight in a long, homely, kindly version of the reorientation of an Italian immigrant family. There is a mellower quality than di Donato and some of his fellow Italian writers convey, but in this very softening process, there is a tendency to dulling the effect on the reader. Alano comes to America, builds a home and sends for his family to come from Lake Como to San Francisco. And than, on the edge of his hill, the quarry starts to encroach upon the lives of the little hill colony. It is a warm, friendly picture of new Americans, in two generations trying to bridge the gap. As a picture of an emotional, superstitious, big-hearted people it is successful; as a novel it seems limited in appeal.

Publisher: Macmillan