LOVELAND by Glendon Swarthout


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Abadaba. Remember when everything was copacetic along with Betty Boop and Tangee lipstick and a dance called Loveland. Perry Dunnigin does. It was the summer he was seven teen and the banks closed. And it was the summer he got a spot as sideman with the Speedy McGimsey Six (much sharper than the Beach Boys) and he went to Charlevoix to a dance hall and he met a now poor, once little rich, girl (the Depression--you do remember) and fell in love with her only to lose her to a man with nine million and a yacht. And remember What it felt like to be young and on top of the world even if it had hit bottom? Well, Jeepers creepers and Judas Priest, none of the bubbles have gone out of this root beer but it's probably for those who grew up on digga do rather than dig. Sentimental spifflication.

Pub Date: Sept. 13th, 1968
Publisher: Doubleday