EVA: For The Love of Hitler by Glenn B. Infield

EVA: For The Love of Hitler

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Infield has the good sense not to argue that World War II was caused by Hitler's testicles. In fact he leaves psychological speculation alone and concentrates strictly on the prurient interest of the Fuhrer's love life -- how the ""little clerk,"" Eva, set her cap for ""sweet adorable Adi"" as he was known to the worshipful matrons who helped fill Nazi campaign coffers. According to Infield, Hitler was no ascetic -- this was an image carefully composed by his propagandists. Though there is only hearsay evidence for it, Infield believes that his willing conquests included Leni Riefenstahl, the film maker and Unity Mitford (Jessica's Germanophile sister) as well as Geli Raubal, the ""niece"" who lived with him in Munich days. Geli's suicide is attributed to her jealousy of Hitler's other women and the fact that Geli found it difficult to comply with his ""unusual"" sexual demands which included ""crouching over his face naked, urinating on him, kicking him as he lay on the floor and hitting him with the whip he usually carried."" As for Eva, well she was really an empty-headed fun-loving blonde, but she knew how to please her man. The domestic scenes at Berghof described by Infield are incredibly banal and petit bourgeois with Hitler scolding Eva for smoking cigarettes and using make-up. Though Eva kept scrupulously out of politics, several members of the Fuhrer's entourage reported that her ""influence"" in the last years grew. Infield's book is based in part on the files of the late Judge Michael Musmanno who was on the Nuremberg Trials staff and who interviewed chauffeurs, maids, cooks and other associates. Their memories varied on many of the details of the liaison and Infield seems to have selected the juiciest versions. Nazi soap opera.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap