LIVELY MAY I WALK: Devotions for the Golden Years by Glenn H. Asquith

LIVELY MAY I WALK: Devotions for the Golden Years

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The facile pen of Glenn Asquith, executive secretary of the Philadelphia Baptist Association, has long since established a reputation well deserved by one who makes the Christian way so interesting. Here he has tried to create a devotional manual for older people. The biggest quarrel we can make is with his title, for rarely will a really ""old"" person think he is in golden years. Once we get by the title we discover a book that really does what it sets out to do. It does guide older people in their prayerful meditation. Especially commendable is the large type in which the book has been made, but more than this is the large heart with which the author understands the dilemmas and continuing problems of those whose strength, opportunities and talents are ever being eroded by time. Mr. Asquith has the gift of rendering compassion towards weakness while yet stimulating the reader to do the best he can with the abilities he has. Many in the next generation will find this a wonderful gift for the older, and, best of all, the older will be pleased to receive it.

Pub Date: May 9th, 1960
Publisher: Abingdon Press