HENRY STARR: Last of the Real Badmen by Glenn Shirley

HENRY STARR: Last of the Real Badmen

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An unusual aspect of this biography is that a large portion of it is related in Henry Starr's own words, taken from his autobiography Thrilling Events, Life of Henry, Starr published in 1914. Starr, a handsome (part Cherokee) remarkably articulate, well read (carried classics in his saddle bags) rough rider managed to work two marriages, two prison sentences, one love affair, his autobiography, and a self produced movie (starring Starr) into a busy schedule that included pulling off more holdups than the James-Younger, Dalton-Doolin gangs combined. This detailed book includes his writings along with photos, newspaper accounts, and trial transcripts. Sentenced twice to the gallows by the famous ""Hanging"" Judge Parker, he won two Supreme Court reversals and even managed to put down the Judge himself...""I have put only one man to death, while almost as many have been slaughtered by your jawbone as Samson slew with the jawbone of that other historic ass."" An act of prison heroism brought him to the attention of President Roosevelt who offered him parole...""Will you be good if I set you free?"" Starr tried, but eventually broke parole and promise. Dying of a gunshot wound Starr could boast ""I've robbed more banks than any man in America"" and that at least should merit an interested audience... fans or students of the Old West. A good portrait of a Badman and colorful era.

Publisher: McKay