ELILAH'S MOUNTAIN by Gloria ahoda


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With a hundred year intermission, this resumes the story of the Bickleys introduced in Annie (1960, p. 574), crosses the ocean from England to America, more precisely West Virginia where a few have trespassed across the Proclamation Line (British protected Indian land) to settle in the wilderness. Among them are Ben Winfield, a widowed schoolmaster, his chit of a child, Delilah, and Charles Bickley, planter's son- making a new start. At 12, Delilah is already sure of her love for Charles Bickley, who takes her father away to fight but saves his life. These are the troubled times of Cherokee raids- and the reverberations of the Revolution. Charles however marries Marie, unsuited to the life there and unequal to the courage demands. It is Delilah who saves him, a dying man with a festering bullet wound, and again later, in ""the Year of the Bloody Sevens"", tries to bring Marie back to him alive after they are captured by the Indians.... A durable, resolute story, crupulously detailed sometimes at the expense of the narrative itself. But it is a careful restoration of frontier living and dying- and certainly superior to Janice Holt Giles which is the generic market designation.

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin