SEASON OF DISCOVERY by Gloria Goldreich


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We can all make the world a better place to live in"" is the theme of Lisa's ninth-grade independent study report, and it could be the title of this novel too for Lisa's life is a series of good deeds--reading for Mrs. Rothenberg the Holocaust survivor who eventually dies of a brain tumor, arranging for her retarded brother to learn to say the Sabbath prayer, helping the youth group plan a Hanukkah party for senior citizens, and writing a feature oh the Puerto Rican maintenance man for the school paper. Individually, the efforts could be touching, but cumulatively they're deadening. When Lisa gets around to her most daring gesture of all--painting over the swastika that a bigoted neighbor has displayed outside his house--the ugly repercussions we are braced for simply don't occur; nor is the contrast between Lisa and Ann, the gentile friend who's encouraged by her parents to be inappropriately sophisticated, as telling as the author intends. Lisa would make someone a lovely daughter, but she's a dull heroine.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1976
Publisher: Nelson