A LAND OF OUR OWN: An Oral Autobiography by Golda Meir

A LAND OF OUR OWN: An Oral Autobiography

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Not an autobiography at all but a representative grouping of 26 of Mrs. Meir's public utterances from as early as 1930 to the present, covering a variety of political statements on domestic and foreign issues, general policy reviews, rallying exhortations, and a smattering of personal reminiscences. Throughout Mrs. Meir's intellectual agility and compassionate sensitivity are evident -- her moving appeal to the Arab nations at the U.N. in 1957 a case in point (""Does hate for Israel. . . make one child in your countries happier?""). Portions of a trial transcript from 1943 with Mrs. Meir testifying before British authorities exhibit the Prime Minister's shrewd tactical sense. Also included are many landmark pronouncements on military, political and developmental situations in which Mrs. Meir usually manages to turn complexities into simple and active directives. A responsible selection.

Pub Date: Jan. 16th, 1972
Publisher: Putnam