BIG DOG LITTLE DOG by Golden MacDonald


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I loved the pictures of the dogs; I liked some of the pictures of the sights the dogs saw on their morning walk (particularly those dog's eye views of near objects on the street): but some of the panoramic pictures were too impressionistic, too stylized, and some of the human figures, too adult in their humor. On the whole, however, the book has a good deal of the appeal, for children and grown-ups alike. And any child to whom the big-and-little, father-and-son idea has appeal, will love this record of the adventures of a big Kerry Blue and his small son. The derrick and the steam engine and the battleship (this was an unreal touch), and the circus elephant, seem to mark this as a small boy's book rather than a little girl's. Two color job.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran