KABLOONA by Gontran de Poncins
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A fascinating book, with something of the quality of Wind. Sand and Stars. Where that book develops a personal philosophy, Kabloona interprets a racial philosophy, that of the Eskimo. There is nothing of the metaphysician in Gontran de Poncins, or Maike as he was known to his Eskimo friends. But he has a rare sense of people, a deep appreciation of fundamental values, an ability to adapt himself to impossible hardships and inconveniences -- and to miss them when he returned to civilization. This is the record of his months in the Arctic, living with Eskimos, learning to understand their way of thought, feeling and life. In all honesty, he acknowledges that -- while his nature went out to them, to their communal existence, he was none the less a white man first, who found riches within himself. Grand reading. Conservatives, keep off the grass!"" This much of the report appeared 7/1/40, when the book was scheduled for Fall publication. Now, as February Book of the Month selection, it will be launched with fanfare. I've seen the finished book, a nice piece of bookmaking, with vigorous line sketches and fine photographs. It is the kind of book to sell as ""escape reading"" which is really worth while.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1940
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock