HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS: The Evolutionary Thrust of Kundalini by Gopi Krishna

HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS: The Evolutionary Thrust of Kundalini

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Some years ago, Krishna experienced a dramatic personal and metabolic change which he attributes to the awakening of kundalini -- the mysterious psychosexual evolutionary bio-energy which is responsible for ""higher consciousness"" and ""mystical experience."" Convinced that such growth is within the grasp of all (by accident or design), he calls for ""an investigation of the phenomenon under the supervision of competent observers, men of both faith and science."" Activation of kundalini, however, would be no panacea, considering its awesome potential -- if improperly aroused, it could cause psychosis, disease, or death. What makes Krishna more tolerable than most self-styled gurus is that he disclaims fanaticism (buried yogis), short-cuts to truth (mantras), psychic powers, drugs, visionary beings, ""single infallible systems,"" and ""occult sects and creeds, esoteric systems, doctrines or secret practices or disciplines."" Mysticism, he insists, does not mean abandoning rationalism. Yet this is a poor book: Krishna's logic can be bizarre (""Can we attribute the position of eminence occupied by any nation at present. . . to the potency of a mantra. . . ? If not, how can one expect these methods to bring one closer to God?"") Pontification, dogma, and repetition are rampant. His prose is very clumsy. Until investigation lends some credence to his thesis, a Westerner can only view it with skepticism, and hope that he learns to write.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1974
Publisher: Julian Press