FOREIGN DEVIL by Gordon B. Enders


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Authentic knowledge of a ""man-god"" and his aims and ambitions, of the strange countries and peoples, religions and philosophies, that he collected in his years of Oriental wanderings. Jowar Singh, servant in the household of a Presbyterian missionary, started young Enders on the right path, constituting himself guide, instructor and mentor. He saw the great famine that killed thousands along the Grand Trunk Road; the mission became a refuge for the sufferers; he summered in Tibet and met Chanti who introduced him to Lamaism. He made tours of pilgrim trails, learned secrets of religion, absorbed the atmosphere of the country, so that -- after the first world war, he returned to China as a business man, soon shifting over to aviation, which he taught under Chiang Kai Shek. He met the Pachan Lama and worked with him for six years, and became the first foreigner to hold an appointment in the Upper House of the Tibetan National Assembly. Might almost be the true story behind another Shangri-La. Good Oriental true adventure -- escape reading par excellence.

Pub Date: April 24th, 1942
Publisher: Simon & Schuster