DOGS AT WORK by Gordon Carter


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The title is as sure as Lassie for reader appeal. The author is the man who did Willing Walkers (1965) a British oriented story of the Seeing Eye training of dogs. The only British slant here is the emphasis on English use of dogs by policemen. The British police dog probably has its fear factor in use, but they seem to make more of the dogs' detective potential than the U.S. does. This gets a lot of interesting coverage at the end of the book. Other dogs include the St. Bernard mountain guides and of course the sheep dogs. Because it gives both the history and the current uses of the working dogs discussed, the book has information as well as reader interest going for it. It is illustrated with large photographs and indexed. Our one reservation about the book is that from time to time the author mentions rarely seen dogs and emphasizes that one or another is seldom found in the U.S. These dogs didn't make the illustrations, while the garden variety did. That's only a flea-sized irritation, however; it's a good book for an always ready audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1966
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman