WILLING WALKERS by Gordon Carter


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Those familiar with Peter Putnam's excellent The Triumph of the Seeing Eye (1963, p. 366-J-132) will find this book very similar in content and organization. Putnam's book concentrated on Morristown, New Jersey's famous training center for Seeing Eye dogs, the story of Morris Frank, who was the first blind American to use one of the dogs, and went on to follow the selection, education and training of the dogs from puppyhood onward. Of necessity, Putnam's book mentioned the English version of Seeing Eye, Inc., which is called Guide Dogs for the Blind. Mr. Carter's book just reverses the emphasis. His book concentrates on the methods, training and history of Guide Dogs in England and pays briefer attention to Morris Frank's story. The subject has a never failing appeal and, since the two organizations grew at the same pace and traded insight and new information, better book budgets will allow for the purchase of both books. The more selective will prefer the Putnam book for its national immediacy and its more moving writing.

Pub Date: Sept. 14th, 1965
Publisher: Abelard-Schuman