THE KILLER SEA by Gordon D. Shirreffs


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Just discharged from active submarine duty (1945), neither Gary Land nor Bob Dunbar (Canadians) feels landlubber enough to take up the books and finish college just yet; instead, along with another wartime buddy, they sign on to Bob's uncle's tugboat, the Challenger. The crew is friendly and hard-working but bad luck plagues them until they are offered a $1 million salvage job--if they come up with the goods. The waters are icy around the Aleutians and mysterious blips emanate from their search area but they track down the Aldebaran; they are surprised, however, by twenty Gips stranded since 1943 who don't know the war is over. Except for no-surrender Noguchi, the Nips go along with them (one voices hopes of seeing his family in Hiroshima) and the tug team starts for home. Some suspense but mostly tested saws and salts for a tested audience.

Pub Date: Sept. 9th, 1968
Publisher: Westminster