SPACEPAW by Gordon Dickson


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Young Bill Waltham frets at the notion of spending his pre-college internship teaching agriculture to a bunch of dumb Dilbians, but planet-side he finds more substantial things to worry about. A ""Shorty,"" he is immediately cornered into challenging one of the largest of the over-sized inhabitants, appropriately named ""Bone Crusher,"" to a duel. On top of that, his superior has mysteriously abandoned the planet and the only one left, haughty Anita Lyme, wants him to organize a Civil Defense Force against Bone Crusher's band of bandits. Bill must use outsize ingenuity to fool the natives into thinking he is great in the ""muscle and guts department."" In the meantime he gets the feeling that he's very expendable: is he some sort of patsy in a Federation scheme? Particularly since he is in competition with an alien who is trying to disorganize the Dilbians. Would you believe he uses The Three Little Pigs as an incentive for a revolution? Altogether enough funny scenes and dialogue to make Spacepaw one of the happier five finger exercises.

Pub Date: Feb. 4th, 1969
Publisher: Putnam