MYSTERIES OF THE SKIES by Gordon & Harold Deneault Lore


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In this recent sky-probe, we have hundreds of documented sightings in what claims to be ""the first fully documented history (the publishers) of UFO's."" Admittedly, it's documented and interesting but much of this flying sorcery has been detailed before and Anatomy of a Phenomenon by Jacques Vallee still stands out both for organization and intent. What will recommend this is the authors' tie-up with NICAP (the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena) from which they have gleaned new material. Scanning history we find hundreds of Californians gaping at weird, apparently mechanized structures which are a pre-Wright-brother surprise. About 1896 Kansans are taking to their cyclone cellars in, the wake of unknown aircraft while some foresighted public figure hopes that they will ""help solve the railroad problem."" Later we find the ""foo"" fighters pilot-fishing W.W.H. raiders and recently James McDivitt and Ed White photograph a space UFO from their Gemini 4. America's favorite mystery---plenty here to keep one sky-watching. Unless you believe, as one cartoonist put it, ""the swamp gas is restless tonight.

Pub Date: May 2nd, 1968
Publisher: Prentice-Hall