COMBAT SF by Gordon R.--Ed. Dickson


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Twelve sf war tales. The computer-sentience of a gigantic supertank buried under 207 meters of solid rock which, when accidentally activated, plows to earth's surface to destroy mankind. . . then, on the moon, swarms of bullets that fall into orbit when fired and return like bees to the men who pulled the triggers. . . and space robots that keep warring long after the ancient races that made them are dead. . . .The stories--just fair--are by Laumer, Bova & Lewis, Hensley, Anderson, Harry Harrison, Gene Wolfe and the editor (these the best known names) and they offer elaborations of circuitry and hypnotic blinkings, shredding and pulping trivia in the Dispoz-Al of blessed fantasy and oblivion. . . .

Pub Date: June 20th, 1975
Publisher: Doubleday