THE SCORPION SANCTION by Gordon & Tony Aspler Pape


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Another furiously padded, creakily plotted novel of Potential Disaster (this time in the Middle East) from the authors of Chain Reaction (1978). Anwar Sadat's successor has been having big peace meetings with Israel, and now the U.S. president is arriving to promise that America will rescue Egypt from economic decay with a tremendous loan. Egyptian intelligence is fine-combing the route the two leaders will take from the airport into Cairo, striving to seal up every possible assassination point. But when a strange body riddled with radiation poisoning is recovered from the Nile, Egyptian security chief Ahmed Rahman recognizes the corpse and intuits that there's some wild plot brewing. Who can handle this mystery? Retired Israeli master-agent Uri Bar-Zeev, that's who, and he arrives (despite his hatred of Egypt) to help out, joining Rahman on a trail of clues that slowly leads to a fanatic Moslem group, Winds of the Desert. Meanwhile, a U.S. engineering millionaire is building three super-hotels of fantastic luxury, including an underwater restaurant with aquarium windows; and the U.S. Prez himself is set to bust a bottle of champagne on the hotel's copper doors at the Oasis Hotel's opening ceremonies. But the whole shebang may soon be very underwater--because those Moslems are at this moment planting an atom bomb in the Aswan High Dam and, unless their demands are met, many millions of Egyptians will be swept into the next world. When the fanatics kidnap and sodomize the engineer's mistress, he leads a raid on their hideout while the rival intelligence agents attempt to defuse the underwater bomb. . . .Some okay Egyptian backgrounds; otherwise--implausible, unattractive, dull.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1980
Publisher: Viking