IN A YELLOW WOOD by Gore Vidal


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More polished but less dramatic than his earlier novel, Williwaw, (see P.203) this has elements of popularity in the contemporary, metropolitan scene. This is the story of Bob Holton's day of decision in New York, in a brokerage office, an upper East side cocktail party, a Village hotspot, a hotel, and reflects him against the changing scenes. Out of the Army, done with moving around, wishing to lose himself in the pattern of security, Bob gets the chance to see the reaction to his new conformity in a visit from his Army buddy, in his meeting with a girl he had known in Italy. Carla, with her love for him, tries to open his eyes to his chance for freedom in love, in living for the day, but Bob, though lured by her offer, chooses the routine of his job- and settles his life.

Pub Date: March 17th, 1947
Publisher: Dutton