IN DEFENSE OF PROPERTY by Gottfried Dietze


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Property defies definition as much as does liberty..."" This is an expertly organized investigation into ideas and notions concerning property as they relate to Western history and to present-day American life. The author does not heart and soul espouse anything very moving; nonetheless, he develops his points consecutively. The book builds astutely and with resolute interest in man's inalienable property rights, seen as equal or even superior to his so-called ""civil"" rights of freedom of speech, press, and assembly. Mr. Dietze presents this demotion of civil rights quite convincingly. He goes on to posit that at the turn of the century the sick and lazy conquered the healthy and diligent proprietors by means of socialization of wealth: democracy becomes the destruction of property rights and the crowd is divine. The author's stance against American society that has lost its company manners because it has lost its sense of property and propriety is backed by his argument that we need a natural aristocracy based upon virtue and talent because property has simply gone to pot. The argument is occasionally persuasive until it reaches an attack on Kennedy's New Frontier. A well presented rightist view for a rightist market.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1963
ISBN: 0761800468
Publisher: Regnery