ADAM IN EDEN by Grace etalious


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A little corner of green again (New Hampshire- just a spit from Peyton Place) where another Angelique- also a strumpet- grows up. She is the daughter of a French Canadian who muffles his wife's nocturne (Pig, Pig, Pig) in liquor, but Angelique loved her father and he leaves her with the notion that she is a princess. But these idees de grandeur remain unfulfilled (and are hard to justify by her language which is unspeakable). At 17, cussedly contrary, she marries Etienne de Montigny who uses the de Maupassant twist-- he knocks her up to shut her up and keep her at home. It doesn't work---Angelique drifts from man to man; she collaborates with a doctor-lover to kill a third unwanted child; and her two daughters come to variously good and bad ends.... Already scheduled for a celluloid second coming and unquestionably a plasticoated third, there's not much to say. Mrs. Metalious has spelled it all out in words that don't run to more than four letters. The one to be used here is smut.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1963
Publisher: Simon & Schuster-Trident