MADE IN ICELAND by Grace Golden
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This travelogue judiciously balances statistics and minutiae to afford vicarious inspection of the land which has never been at war since its founding in 930. Here, where tobacco will not stay lighted, snuff is a popular substitute. An ideal social studies presentation, this covers the major occupations of the 165,000 Icelanders, 66,000 of whom live in Reykjavik (Smoky Bay). It compasses the unique history of the country from pagan past to the present, recounting how in the thirteenth century, power had fallen into the hands of two equal factions. The King of Norway was asked to arbitrate conflicts. As a result when Norway, Sweden and Denmark were at war in 1380, Denmark won control of Iceland -- until 1944. A well conceived presentation with a forceful text and a sprinkling of black and white vignettes showing handicrafts, implements, etc.

Pub Date: April 21st, 1958
Publisher: Knopf