BLACK/WHITE SEX by Grace Halsell


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Grace Halsell who has Let's Visit-ed in a number of juvenile books and passed as black in Soul Sister (if you don't remember it -- she'll remind you -- never fear -- over and over) now investigates ""the racial roots of sexual attitudes and the deep sexual roots of racial attitudes."" All of this pseudo-concerned nosiness amounts to the fact that while talking to some assorted black and white couples, a few professionals (all kinds -- even whores), and James Jones in one interview seeded throughout the book, she just seems to keep pushing the sexual myth she is presumably chiding. Do black men really desire white women? are whites hung up on the notion that blacks are better hung? are black women too strong for the black man (Lena Home said so)? and does any. of this discussion serve any really useful purpose?

Pub Date: May 23rd, 1972
Publisher: Morrow