DREAM WITHOUT END by Grace Jamison Breckling


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A story of contemporary issues and values which introduces some honest situations and fresh dialogue, this tells of Joyce Vaughn, up from a mill settlement and married into a comfortable clubwoman's life, who is somewhat restless and particularly disturbed by her exclusion from the affairs of David, her son, and Linda, her daughter. David, back from the wars, and engaged to a girl he no longer loves, is discontented with the complacent life he's booked for. And Linda, in love with Mike, from the same mill town background her mother has discarded, is ashamed to bring him home- knowing that her mother's social and religious tolerance is limited. But by the time that David has broken the engagement and found the work he wants to do- towards world peace, and Linda and Mike have decided to pioneer in Alaska. Joyce has seen the narrowness of her ways... A big step up from the church social school of rental fiction, the moral message is non-obtrusive and the reading pleasant.

Publisher: Westminster