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NO MARRIAGE IN HEAVEN by Grace Nies Fletcher



Pub Date: June 2nd, 1960
Publisher: Dutton

It is obvious that the marriage of the ardent young Boston (Methodist?) minister and the headstrong mineteen year old Southern belle is not made in heaven. It clearly is a product of that grist mill responsible for the continuous flow of fifteen minute domestic crises which shudder over the air ways with the persistence of a steam drill. No Marriage in Heaven, is, in fact, a soap opera in theological clothing. When the more commonplace domestic irritants--no privacy, poverty, lack of confidence--fail to bring the plot to the desired frenzy, the author resourcefully includes -- near rape, illegitimacy, suspected infidelity, the death of several expendable children, total disenchantment on the part of both husband and wife, and finally, as an inducement to the stoical reader, the crippling of the nice young minister by polio. All of this seems a dramatic device to make the reader feel relief when faith somehow intervenes and harmony is miraculously restored. Written by the author of In My Father's House and Preacher's Kids, this story offers the prim and the unsearching a flirtation with vice without the liability usually involved in such affairs, because everyone, but everyone in this novel is so ""nice"".