I WAS BORN TOMORROW by Grace Nies Fletcher
Kirkus Star


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It often happens that personal grief, looking for sympathy and understanding, finds expression in a kind of sentimental journey of maudlin self-pity, or embraces a sort of hazy mysticism as an alternative to facing reality. The temptation to such indulgence would be great to a sensitive woman who learns that her beloved husband has only a short time to live -- how short no man could tell. This is the situation faced by Mrs. Fletcher, but out of it comes instead increased strength, an ever deepening awareness of those values in life which can stand being taken along into eternity, and a glad awareness that time, life, and death are part of one's heritage as a child of God, through which he may learn to understand the meaning of resurrection and the glory of the eternal. This book is to be highly recommended to any who have lost a loved one -- for a little while.

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1961
Publisher: Dutton