DARK ISLAND MYSTERY by Grace & Olive Barnett


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Montana setting for the activities of enterprising, energetic 16-year old Doug, as he speculates over the mystery of old Mr. Cranmore's disappearance three years before. The arrival of some fishermen with bigger game on their minds than fish, of inquisitive Mr. Walsh, and the continual antagonism of a summer visitor, Marion Chadwick, a boy who spikes all Doug's attempts to earn money towards his college expenses, preoccupy Doug and his friend Cynthia. They join forces with Mr. Walsh, who turns out to be an FBI agent, and together they help solve a series of puzzles, turn up a crew of counterfeiters, and even win over spoiled, sullen Marion....Action-enigma for boys competently, convincingly handled, but not improved by the decorative (?) chapter headings.

Publisher: Oxford