F.D.R. -- MY BOSS by Grace Tully


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From a 17 year working friendship with The Boss, Miss Tully tells of the events, the personalities, the public and private life of the Roosevelts, from Albany to Washington. This is a proud and sincere, admiring and respectful record of her employer in which she maintains her belief in his simplicity, courage and honesty. She tells of the family -- personal and official, -- of the methods of work, his relations with the press, with his cabinet; she describes all the important visitors, the way in which his speeches, radio and public, were written; she gives pictures of his trips; she profiles the White House staff and intimate friends; she underlines The Boss' wide variety of enthusiastic interests, the strictures of his wartime life. As personal as the earlier Nesbitt book, White House Diary (1948), these are again other facts of a controversial figure, in loving, uncritical terms.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1949
Publisher: Scribner