MONEY OF YOUR OWN by Grace W. Weinstein


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Whatever the subject, broadside advice from adults is usually as unhelpful to kids as it is unavoidable, and most of Weinstein's suggestions on handling money are about as obvious as other authors' guidance on friendship, sex, or whatever. Unsurprisingly, she advises readers to strike a balance between short and long term goals, allow themselves some flexibility, save for long-range pleasure buying, and not to charge what they can't pay for; she cautions that shoplifting isn't worth the risk, and argues that receiving an allowance will teach them to manage money. Those who aren't put off by such platitudes can pick up a few specific tips--beware of fake sales, for example; and those who are ready to apply the information will be briefed on such matters as credit cards and finance charges, how banks compute interest, and what kinds of accounts they offer. A short-term convenience.

Pub Date: Oct. 7th, 1977
Publisher: Dutton