DEADLINE FOR JIM by Graham M. Dean
Kirkus Star


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An interesting study in responsible journalism is unfolded via the thrills and spills of a cub reporter's assignments on a western newspaper. The summer before his senior year in high school, Jim is employed by the Times and thrown headlong into the grand scale news coverage of a train wreck. His perseverance eventually substantiates the charge of sabotage, levelled against a railroad employee, and also reveals a traitor on the Times' staff. Threatened with fierce competition by the Herald and almost swallowed up by its editor, the Times, continues its policy of fair reporting even when it must stand alone in the community. The town, by the Herald's complacency, barely accepts the Times' prediction of an on-coming flood, but through the efforts of Jim and his colleagues disaster is avoided and integrity triumphs. The taut atmosphere of high pressured reporting is deftly re-created in a series of dramatic episodes and some basic issues of press responsibility are given a worthwhile airing.

Pub Date: Aug. 25th, 1961
Publisher: Criterion