1,001 EROTIC DREAMS INTERPRETED by Graham Masterston


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Usually nothing is more boring than someone eise's dreams, but this collection of nighttime erotica is something else. Beyond the usual fantasy array of human and inter-species loving are REM-sleep's special treats: unending orgasmic eruptions on strange devices like roller coasters or skis; body juices that proliferate into a river; the discovery of new erogenous zones that make your average genitalia seem about as sensitive as a callus. But the author makes good his ostensible purpose by telling us ways to keep our own erotic dream diary, so we may discover by the light of day that, in fact, we are leather freaks, masochists, or whatever. Despite his nearly endless repetition of the necessity of a person's discovering the meaning of his own symbols (incest, thank goodness, does not always mean incest), he does provide a thesaurus of the most common dream symbols. Oh well, whatever helps you make it through the night. . . .

Pub Date: May 1st, 1976
Publisher: Reguery