THE SMALL WONDER by Graham Porter


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Having a first baby- with the Templetons, Phillip and Elaine, may offer a reminiscent form of entertainment for others and this burbles its way pleasantly from the difficulties of getting pregnant- to the final, full production. Elaine, competing with her best friend Maudie, finally (with thermometer and graph paper) refutes a pessimistic prognosis and is properly pregnant. Along with the litany of capricious symptoms and complaints, there is her choice of the most expensive- and elusive- of obstetricians, the hiring of a nurse, the selection of a name (unfortunately appropriated by Maudle who scoops her- with a premature), the need for a bigger house- and money- lots more money, until the happy day- after a long night's vigil. . . . Possibly for mid-West suburbia's young marrieds- a bundle of joy- but not much of an audience to anticipate beyond that.

Pub Date: April 9th, 1957
Publisher: Mcmillan