SEX ON EVERY PAIGE by Graham Spaid


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An erotic novel focuses on the slow seduction of a teenager.

This story introduces a modern fop named Aarin. His main goal? To have sex with his girlfriend’s 16-year-old daughter, Paige. His girlfriend is a hearty woman of Lithuanian extraction named Granta (or “Grunter,” as she is usually referred to) who tends to attack all sexual matters with a forceful abandon. Aarin, much to his own indifference, is usually on the receiving end of such aggression. He lives with Grunter in her London apartment, though he develops an irresistible desire for Paige. Paige may be a lithe, sassy teen but she is inexperienced in the ways of men. She is also doing poorly in English at school. Aarin first gets time alone with her under the auspices of tutoring. While his quest to sleep with Paige would be technically legal in Britain, that doesn’t mean it will be an easy mission. And it proves to be an intriguing, if morally troubling, pursuit. The tension comes not so much in whether Aarin will be successful, but in expecting him to get his comeuppance at any moment. Sexual encounters are graphic (as when Aarin explains how his lover “rammed her hips down powerfully, as if my cock was part of her”) and always spiked with the possibility of someone getting into trouble. It is an enticing setup yet the problem is with the characters. Whereas Nabokov’s Humbert Humbert may have been a monster, he had a comical, pathetic side. Aarin displays no such humor. In Spaid’s (Tireless, 2013) treatment of a forbidden love triangle, it may be difficult for readers to find anyone to root for. Aarin is just the type of rakish creep that should refrain from being around teens. Paige is often cruel and Grunter is more pitiful than likable. Yet while none of the main players are particularly inviting, they are palpably real. All of the characters tend to have their personal interests in mind, whether they are engaged in plotting copulation or simply trying to ignore poor grades at school. But in the end will anyone learn anything? With this dismal crowd, it seems unlikely.

A tale bristling with sexual tension but hampered by bleak figures.

Page count: 156pp
Publisher: manuscript
Program: Kirkus Indie
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