IF I COULD... by Grandma Krazy


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What changes would you make to the world, if you could? Grandma Krazy (Bears, Bears Everywhere, 2018) pitches silly, rhyming ideas in her second picture book.

The narrator begins by imagining spending one’s life on the beach and goes on to present some notions that are plain silly (such as getting honey from chimpanzees rather than bees) and others that are idealistic, such as ending all violence. The last section of the book features a series of rhymed questions, asking readers what their world would be like: “If I could make my own world, that’s what I’d do. What about you?” The repeated sounds in the rhymes introduce new vocabulary words (“vacations” and “altercations”; “sandcastle” and “dismantled”) and make each page fun to read aloud. The full-color illustrations feature a predominantly white cast, with few people of different skin tones, even in crowded scenes. When the book directs questions to the reader, however, it invites them to imagine a world that may better reflect their experiences. The images of silly, sneezing snakes, people flying in capes, and a bowl of vegetable candy, among others, nicely match the text’s humorous tone. The rhymes’ lack of strict meter may also encourage readers to write their own.

A creative ode to imagination with fun-to-read phrases.

ISBN: 978-1-79604-347-1
Publisher: Xlibris
Program: Kirkus Indie
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