WHERE WE CAME OUT by Granville Hicks


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This is not just another confession story by an ex-Communist. To some degree it is an honest attempt to explore the reasons behind the wrong thinking of the young intellectuals who- during the years of the depression and shortly after became involved either as members or fellow travellers. He goes much farther however- and helps clarify the facts behind the scare about the ""Red Decade"". He sets the climate of opinion (only too often ignored); shows how a measure of idealism, a search for a solution of economic, political and social problems made ""suckers"" of many young intellectuals; but shows also how brief was the period of error- how complete the severance- how dangerous today the tendency to excoriate the confessed ex-Communist who refuses to believe that committee investigation is the answer. He urges unremitting efforts to counter Communist propaganda (but not by Communist methods); he urges exposure of evasions of ""Fake Liberals"", mistakes of ""retarded Liberals""- and unending battle against Communist espionage. But he doesn't think this fight requires all our energies. A positive program of American Democracy is our best bulwark. Aid to non-Communist countries our best defense. With the Wechsler book, this provides the clearest, soundest picture of the undramatic role of the Communist party members and clarifies the thinking on one of our present dilemmas and how they grew. An important but not easy book.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1954
Publisher: Viking