INVINCIBLE SURMISE by Granville Paul Smith


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Perhaps this is a bid for the Lloyd Douglas market. Otherwise, it seems to have very little reason for the fanfare. The story of a man who found that success and riches were ashes in his mouth and that, to find himself, he must give up the trappings and go back to the ideals of his boyhood. Unreal in style, savoring of the Sunday School pamphlets of old, stately and ponderous, and with a quaintly unconvincing attitude towards life. The story is that of a youth who abandoned the simple life, became a success, married the boss's daughter -- and eventually found out his mistakes, and went back to his hope of writing. Then came poverty -- eventually the bread line -- and rescue, in the shape of a childhood sweetheart, who gave him back his faith and inspiration. You know your market for this type of thing. Lacks the well-paced story telling quality of Lloyd Douglas -- and the sugar coating on the sermon seems inadequately applied.

Pub Date: April 14th, 1936
ISBN: 1151179760
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin