JUPITER PROJECT by Gregory Benford


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It would seem, young Mr. Bowles, that you have discovered life on Jupiter."" Thus seventeen-year-old Matt, almost washed out of the Jovian Astronautical-Biological Orbital Laboratory by his rival Yuri's treachery, saves the whole project from being recalled by an economically squeezed Earthside command that is getting tired of waiting for just such evidence as the colony of spores Matt has obtained on a hazardous solo shuttle flight. And a few hours later success gives way to sensation when Matt goes out on a probe with his father and runs into a structure obviously built by intelligent creatures from just beyond the Centauri system. Thus not only is science for its own sake saved from short-sighted administrators but girlfriend Jenny (her kiss is ""top quality goods"") becomes Matt's partner in space, Yuri (who says things like ""Oh, mama's boy is taking offense. Tsk, tsk"") gets his comeuppance, and Matt comes to terms with a ten-year-old nightmare that has left him terrified of returning to earth and of nasty bigger kids like Yuri. Within the futuristic setting you'll easily recognize the same square schoolboy story, even down to the colloquialisms, that has been mass marketed for generations.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1975
Page count: 224pp
Publisher: Nelson