STRANGLEHOLD by Gregory C. Knapp
Kirkus Star


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In the beginning -- you won't know just what kind of tour of duty you're on -- based on a small Korean island long after the cease fire where a Lt. Thompson had fallen in love and hoped to marry a native ""business girl"" met at one of those Playboy clubs. With her apparent infidelity, Thompson goes A.W.O.L. and a phone call later (his uncle back home is a midwestern senator) finds Wilde (CIA, CID, DIA -- all are applied) to retrieve him via Seoul and Tokyo where it is believed that the underground patriotic society Beiheren (only one of several) is going to send him on to Sweden. The story, once it gets moving, and move it does, will introduce you to parts of Japan you may never see -- from its judo parlors to its Kyoto shrines, with a suggestion of an irrecoverable romance and a riffle of political innuendo. An alert, controlled, exciting entertainment and Wilde, the most attractive anti-hero in some time, lends a casually authoritative touch. (What is Michael Caine doing?)

Pub Date: Aug. 23rd, 1973
Publisher: Little, Brown